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Road Marking Machine

Project Timeline

We're improving State Road 32

Below, you will find the project timeline outlining the phases of the construction work to occur on SR 32.

Demolition Phase


This phase will begin in February 2023 with tree removal on the south side of SR 32 near East Street.

Building demolitions on the south side of the street and minor clearing on the north side of the street outside of the historic district.

The relocation of 102 South Union is a notable event occurring during this phase. Additional details for this work are TBD.

Complete grading/seeding of the land will signify the end of the demolition phase.

Citizens Water, Gas, and Sanitary will relocate their utility lines along the SR32 Route.

Comcast, Metronet, Windstream, Frontier, and Zayo will bury their telecommunication/fiber lines.

Duke Energy will bury electrical lines.

Utility Phase


Road construction signs will be added.

Storm sewer drainage will be added and a culvert will be installed west of Union Street. 

Street paving will occur.

Construction Phase

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